Sunday, November 16, 2008

Whoo! I was baptized today.

It was a good day, but a long one. Sam was his usually charming self and boy did he look adorable in his sweater vest and cords. He did fabulous through the ceremony, but was more interested in the ceiling fans than anything happening right in front of him. I take that back. He was intrigued when the minister poured the water into the bowl. I think he thought it was a baby pool because he tried to lean right out of my arms into the water. Ella joined us in front of the congretation. She was a bit overwhelmed with everything but did quite well in Mike's arms.

Overall, a special day and we're so thankful for the family members that we able to join us. I posted a few pictures to flickr. They tell a better story that I can articulate as my brain is fried and I need to call it a night.

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