Thursday, November 06, 2008

Seven-months Sam

In the election excitement, I glazed over the fact that Sam is now 7 months. Seven months. It just doesn't seem possible.

So, what's new with Sam? Well, he is crawling. It is still just an army crawl but that boy can move. You don't dare turn away from him. As with Ella, Sam's biggest motivation is Yoshi. The minute he seems the white furry ball stroll by him, Sam's face breaks into a mischievous smile and his eyes narrow on the prize. No matter how fast Sam moves, he has yet to catch the cat. Heck, I think Ella is still trying to reach him.

Other fun facts about Sam:

  • He has two sweet teeth on the bottom.
  • He eats cherrios.
  • He has a fondness for mango.
  • And he has a special place in my heart.

While Sam has always made me feel special, lately I have wanted confirmation that I wasn't just a nice woman who kept his belly full and his diaper dry (because let's be honest that's how I have been feeling). I wanted confirmation of my revered role. I got that today. I strolled into Sam's room after unsuccessfully trying to round up Ella. He was lying on the mat with his back to me. I spoke up and said, "Hey Sammy, you ready to go?" The minute my voice hit his eardrums, the kid flipped over and he beamed his wide, warm, sweet smile. That smile, well, it stole my heart.

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