Sunday, November 23, 2008

For the Love of Dolls

This weekend as I was searching for Ella's finger paints, I came across two baby dolls that Ella was given at her first Christmas. At that time, Mike and I felt the dolls and the accessories were inappropriate for a 10-month old, so we stored them in her closet. Ella was quite excited to discover them this weekend. As we were unraveling the dolls from the packaging, Mike asked Ella what she planned to name the dolls. Ella didn't really have an answer, so Mike gently suggested the names of "Made" and "China." So for better for worse, these two dolls join the family of dolls with such names as "big baby," "naked baby," and "dolly." On the plus side, at least the names are getting a bit more original.

I will end with congratulations to our friend Chera, who got engaged today. We've had the pleasure of meeting her soon-to-be husband and we think they make a pretty great couple. Quite possibly, Mike and I might have to trek to Seattle next year. Oh, what a shame!

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