Monday, September 25, 2006

Fashion Show

So pretty
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No slowing down in this household. After another busy weekend, which included the Shawnee BBQ, shopping, bachelorette party, couple's baby shower, laundry, a play date and a fashion show, it's somehow Monday again.

The weekend was jammed packed, but we had lots of fun. Things started to slow down Sunday evening, so I decided to do a little fashion show with Ella. Really, I just wanted to get her in some of the beautiful dresses she was given that she either never got the chance to wear or only wore a few times and snap a few pics. I had four dresses I wanted to start with, but we only got two in. The girl just refused to sit still, which I can't blame her. I too don't enjoy getting my picture taken. We'll try more later this week.

Ella had two big highlights for the weekend. She got to meet Lucas, son on Pat and Annie (Mike's college friends). Lucas is the cutest little boy with his big brown eyes and chubby cheeks. Ella and he played together fairly well, that was until she crawled over to him, stole his binky out of his mouth and quickly popped it in her mouth. She then looked over to me like "what ma?" We hope to get the kids together again soon. Granted it only took us 7 months to do this gathering.

Her other big highlight was getting to hang out with Rene and Payton. Rene took Ella for a few hours, so Mike and I could attend our neighbors couple show at Dave & Busters. Baby Wakeman is due in early November, but I suspect the little one will come sooner. I'm hoping for a girl as we already have 3 boys in our cul-de-sac, but we just want healthy.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Is the game over yet?

Is the game over yet?
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Ella looks a little fed up with so much football. Scott snapped this while we were over to watch the Chiefs first game. (I stole this off their web site, but it was too cute not to post.)

Monday, September 18, 2006

She Said Yes

As I was walking out to the car after picking Ella up from day care, I was asking her random questions. How was her day? Why didn't she eat more bottles? Did she play with Faith? Did she miss me? I always give her time to respond, but she always is more interested in playing with her daily report sheet than talking to me. I did ask her one final question before I put her in her car seat. I asked if she was excited to go pick up dad. She instantly smiled and squealed. It was so sweet and of course made Mike's day. The girl is constantly cracking me up.

We seem to have our baby back after her illness. She started to seem more like herself Friday evening. With her feeling better, it meant we could keep our weekend plans that included a trip to Maryville and Fairfax. Mike and I attended his college friend's wedding while Ella hung out with the Fairfax crew. Tacy and Gena were more than happy to keep Ella entertained. Her favorite activity outside of pulling herself up on everything is to knock over stacking cup towers. You build her one and the instant she catches site of it, she zooms over to knock it down. She never got tired of the activity.

I do promise more pictures here soon. We've taken plenty, just need to get them posted.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My Baby is Sick

My poor baby is sick. She's been running some pretty high temps up to 104. We picked her up yesterday from daycare and took her straight to the doctor. The doctor said she has a severe viral infection in her throat and to treat with Tylenol and lots of TLC.

Last night was pretty rough. After falling asleep at 7:30ish, she was up again at 11:45 and didn't fall back asleep until 3 am when we took her into our bed. She wanted to sleep, but would only do so if she was being held.

Grandma came over to take good care of Ella, so Mike and I could go to work. It was gut wrenching leaving her this morning. She cried for me and tried to reach out to me when I handed her off. She wanted her mommy and I wanted to hold her. I knew she was in good hands, but I wanted to be there for her.

She's doing better today, but still is battling a fever. She's staying with grandma again tomorrow and hopefully will be back in daycare tomorrow. I hope tonight she sleeps better and Mike and I do as well.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Ella's Security Blanket

Our daughter has selected her security blanket of the moment. What a tough choice it had to have been. Lately, she's shown preferential treatment to the grey plush Elephant dubbed "Ellie", the sweet yellow giraffe named "Eugene 2" and "Taggy Bear" that came from the Iowa State Fair. (Yes, we have a sick addiction of naming most of Ella's stuffed animals.) Only one could become Ella's pride and joy and her personal favorite. Of all the soft cuddly toys in Ella's possession, our daughter picks her coarse, hard plastic hair brush as her main security blanket. I fear we have a beauty queen on our hands.

It started Saturday as Mike tried to put her down for a morning nap. Ella grabbed it off the table next to the glider. As she was drifting, Mike tried to gently pry it from her hands. She screamed, so Mike quickly slide it back, and Ella was promptly out. She napped with it again later that day. We have a picture, but it's out of focus since we decided against using the flash.

She displayed her affection for it again Sunday when Mike was rocking her to asleep. Ella wasn't giving in easily. He decided to just lay her down, so she could enjoy some quiet time in her crib. She again was grasping the brush. I came up to check on them, and I discovered Ella quietly sitting up in her crib, entertaining herself with her brush. She actually was brushing her own hair. I was cracking up because she definitely recognized that the object was used on her head, and she was so intent on her task at hand. Granted, she was using the wrong side of the brush. When she caught me watching her, she gave me that wide smile that seemed to say, "Ma, I'm getting bigger, older and smarter, and isn't this great." Yes, yes, it is.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Go Chiefs!

Go Chiefs!
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Thanks goodness football is back. Poor Ella doesn't know what she missed while she was in the womb. Her mother on the other hand, knows all about it.

But, it IS "Red Friday" today and Ella is in her cute Chiefs onsie today and so she is showing her Chiefs pride. I'm going to make sure she is a Chiefs fan through and through!

In other news--we are finally home for the weekend. The house is a mess, the yard is so long from all the rain and sun we have received lately and we just generally need to rest. The last few nights have been fun (we've been out and about) but we have been getting home, putting Ella to bed and going to bed ourselves and then heading out bright and early right after 7:00 headed back to work. Amanda and I need sleep!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Why I love my wife...

In honor of Amanda's birthday today, I have complied a list of why I love her so much. (in no particular order)

-She constantly writes on this blog about how special I am or how good of a husband or father I am, when its truly her who is the amazing one. She never ceases to amaze me with how much she loves Ella and me! She's really the one putting in the work and dealing with the late night fussies. She's doing the laundry, washing bottles, keeping our money straight, always looking out for me, which is a full time job.

-She's never afraid to get her hands dirty. She's grabbed plenty of poopy and urinated diapers and has been able to just suck and up and deal with it because she's knows she can always just wash her hands later.

-She loves the water. I don't know how many times we've discussed living either on or near the water. There's always something peaceful about it. And Amanda knows that the water is where it's at.

- She's just so darn peaceful when she sleeps. Whenever I see her sleeping, I can't help but want to either jump in bed with her or make her share the couch. But there is NOTHING more peaceful than seeing her sleeping together with Ella. They both are just in their own separate dream worlds, but part of me knows they are both dreaming of spending time with the other.

-She has this big freckle on her leg that I think is just awesome. I know its weird, but I just love it.

-She loves Mexican food. It's a rare occasion that we don't want Mexican food. Whether its El Toro's, Margarita's or Jose Pepper's, we can't turn it down. Throw in a pitcher of 'rita and we are really in trouble.

-She wants everything with her name on it to be exceptional. Now, granted she KNOWS not everything will be perfect, but she expects quite a bit of herself and her work and that keeps pushing her.

-She is a wonderful mother. Plain and simple. She knows when to give in and she knows when to be tough. Now, granted Ella's 6 months old. She doesn't need much tough love. She would gladly give everything she has just to spend all her time with Ella. Amanda is just so beautiful together with Ella. I'm smiling so big right now just thinking and typing about it!

Amanda, I love you so much, and I don't mind typing it here and having everyone read it. You are a such a wonderful woman, a beautiful wife and an incredible mom. Thanks for making my life whole. I really can't do it with out you. Thanks for keeping me honest.