Monday, September 18, 2006

She Said Yes

As I was walking out to the car after picking Ella up from day care, I was asking her random questions. How was her day? Why didn't she eat more bottles? Did she play with Faith? Did she miss me? I always give her time to respond, but she always is more interested in playing with her daily report sheet than talking to me. I did ask her one final question before I put her in her car seat. I asked if she was excited to go pick up dad. She instantly smiled and squealed. It was so sweet and of course made Mike's day. The girl is constantly cracking me up.

We seem to have our baby back after her illness. She started to seem more like herself Friday evening. With her feeling better, it meant we could keep our weekend plans that included a trip to Maryville and Fairfax. Mike and I attended his college friend's wedding while Ella hung out with the Fairfax crew. Tacy and Gena were more than happy to keep Ella entertained. Her favorite activity outside of pulling herself up on everything is to knock over stacking cup towers. You build her one and the instant she catches site of it, she zooms over to knock it down. She never got tired of the activity.

I do promise more pictures here soon. We've taken plenty, just need to get them posted.

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