Monday, September 25, 2006

Fashion Show

So pretty
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No slowing down in this household. After another busy weekend, which included the Shawnee BBQ, shopping, bachelorette party, couple's baby shower, laundry, a play date and a fashion show, it's somehow Monday again.

The weekend was jammed packed, but we had lots of fun. Things started to slow down Sunday evening, so I decided to do a little fashion show with Ella. Really, I just wanted to get her in some of the beautiful dresses she was given that she either never got the chance to wear or only wore a few times and snap a few pics. I had four dresses I wanted to start with, but we only got two in. The girl just refused to sit still, which I can't blame her. I too don't enjoy getting my picture taken. We'll try more later this week.

Ella had two big highlights for the weekend. She got to meet Lucas, son on Pat and Annie (Mike's college friends). Lucas is the cutest little boy with his big brown eyes and chubby cheeks. Ella and he played together fairly well, that was until she crawled over to him, stole his binky out of his mouth and quickly popped it in her mouth. She then looked over to me like "what ma?" We hope to get the kids together again soon. Granted it only took us 7 months to do this gathering.

Her other big highlight was getting to hang out with Rene and Payton. Rene took Ella for a few hours, so Mike and I could attend our neighbors couple show at Dave & Busters. Baby Wakeman is due in early November, but I suspect the little one will come sooner. I'm hoping for a girl as we already have 3 boys in our cul-de-sac, but we just want healthy.

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