Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Phew.......WHAT? ITS NOT OVER?

Oh man, we still have one more holiday to get though. And then, only a month and a half until our little pumpkin turns ONE YEAR OLD. How in the wide world of sports did that happen? Seriously. We JUST brought her home from the hospital, like....yesterday.

But anyway back to last weekend. It was great. It really was. After Dad got home late(as usual) we had Ella open her gifts. She got some great toys that she's started to play with but all too soon it was bedtime. We got up early and headed northward for Grandma Pam's. Had lots of fun with family and friends all weekend. Lots of food and fun. We had a great time. Ella didn't quite know what to think of all the unwrapping--but she loved all the toys, clothes, cats, food, you name it. Christmas was nice and relaxing just hanging out with Ella's Grandparents and uncles and aunt. We got up early on Tuesday and made our way back home. Amanda had to be back to work at noon so we got back pretty early for her.

There's still more this week. We have the Bowling exchange coming up Thursday night and then a trip to Jeff City for my friend Bryce's wedding Saturday and then our annual New Year's Eve progressive dinner on Sunday night. Man, where does it stop?

Amanda and I love Christmas, we really do, but you know what we love even more? When its OVER. I swear, the last month was a blur. It seems like since about Thanksgiving, all 3 of us have just been so pooped we hit the wall at about 8:30 every night and we are just done. I don't know how in the world to make it clear to midnight on Sunday.

I hope everybody had a great Christmas!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas Magic

Christmas Magic
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I absolutely love this photo of Ella. It's just so incredible sweet, so full of amazement.

I'm too brain dead to say any more. I survived my training. I feel like I just finished my last final for the semester and I can't think anymore. I was at work from 7 am to 11:30 pm yesterday. I so wish it was Friday already.

A few gems from this training:
In client presentations, attorneys show up and throw up.
Attorneys are solutions running around looking for problems.
Don't be a hotel of lawyers be a law firm.

Wow, my sweetheart is 10 months old today.

Man, I'm just a bundle of random thoughts.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Meeting the Man in Red

We took Ella to NFM for their free photo. I must say not too bad. The girl had just woken up from a nap. She honestly had no idea what hit her. The dress is from Grandma Pam, she picked it up at a craft fair.

Ella gets another chance to visit with Santa this week as he's stopping by day care on Wednesday. I've also heard that he might have time to swing through the Davis' Christmas gathering in Fairfax on Saturday. I certainly hope he's a Northwest fan. Go BEARCATS!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Start of Hell Week

I have so many posts in my head, but never any time to get them out on the keyboard. If I had enough time I would start with getting to see Jolene -- how I miss her and love that we instantly pick back up regardless of how much time has past. I'd comment on Ella's love of sandwich bags and her first visit to see Santa. The girl never knew what hit her, maybe we cheated her or saved us from a meltdown. Who knows. What I really want to write about is meeting Christine McDonald and how amazed, touched and thankful I am that in less than 5 days my friends and family came through to help a very deserving person and her son. I have so many thoughts swirling in my head about that experience, perhaps I can pull them together at some point.

This is the start of my insane week at work, lots of long hours. I won't be seeing my husband or child much this week, so it will be quite tough on me. Maybe my loving husband can put together a post or two because I won't have the time.

Ella is so close to taking those first steps. Is it selfish of me that I hope it doesn't happen this week? I missed seeing her crawl. I really don't want to miss the steps.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

YOU Better Watch Out

YOU Better Watch Out
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Ella is telling it like it is. I love this photo of her. She enjoyed helping mom and dad decorate the house. She got into the spirit by donning her santa hat, even though it was near 70 degrees the day we decorated. My, how quickly things changed. Now side streets are snow and ice packed and it's chill to the bone cold. I guess it should help get me in the Christmas spirit.

Our Christmas tour starts tomorrow. We're off to Des Moines to see the Bowling side of the family, and an added bonus I get to see my good friend and college roommate for 3 years, Jolene and her family

We had to run a few errands tonight and then came home to pack, but I think we're ready to go. So, off to sleep for me.