Tuesday, July 14, 2009

All About Sam the Man

This week is all about Mr. Sam as big sister is spending the week in Nebraska with her grandparents. We miss the little lady, but we are enjoying making Sam the complete center of attention.

In honor of this week being all about Sam, this post is all about the little man.

*BEST BELLY LAUGH EVER! Sam's laugh is deep, authentic and contagious. Words cannot do it justice. I must record it and have it readily available during long, difficult days. It always lifts my spirit.

*Tickle monster. While the boy is quite generous with his laugh, he loves nothing more to tickle us. He will lift Mike's shirt to tickle his belly and he loves to grab my toes. He gets great joy in pulling laughs from us.

*Green Bandwagon. Sam must know how fasionable and trendy it is to be green as he has an odd fascination with turning off light switches. Turning them on doesn't hold the same appeal.

*Everything has its place. While I may not acknowledge that shoes kicked off belong in the storage bench, Sam certainly does. I spied him putting away my shoes tonight. He picked them off the floor, lifted the lid and tossed them in the bench.

And it's not just shoes. I caught him the other night pulling a dirty but wrapped diaper from the bathroom trash, walking it into his room, tossing it in his diaper champ and he even flipped the handle to push the diaper down.

Man. the boy certainly will earn his keep in this family, if he continues this organized streak.

*Babbles. My handsome man has the sweetest babble and the best inflections in his voice. I could listen to him chatter all day. I fear though once his vocab expands, we may never have a moment of silence.

While we miss our first-born sweetheart, we are enjoying our special time with Sam.