Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Royals Family

The Royals Family
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No time to blog. A picture from our evening at the Royals. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Movin' on Up

While it wasn't an official first day of school, for Ella, it might have been as she moved into a new room at daycare. She is no longer a Lion. As of yesterday, she became a Cheetah B and is now considered part of the big kids at the center.

We knew the move was coming. The center was waiting until the kindergartners had departed. Ella seems to have handled the adjustment fairly well. Mike said she was a little hesitant at drop off this morning. By time he peeked in on her after dropping Mr. Sam off, she was full of smiles. Her new teachers are Miss Emily and Miss Tiffany. I haven't gotten the opportunity to interact with them as they are early teachers at the center, meaning by 5 pm both are gone. The next time I swing through to see Sam, I hope to chat with them and get a better sense of the room and her new schedule. Of Ella's friends, a few made the move. I don't think Ava did since she is not completely potty trained. I hope she comes over soon as Ella talks about her all the time.

I know. I know. I say it repeatedly but my little girl is growing up too fast.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

All about Sam

Mommy, you so funny
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Seriously, I think I have the happiest baby. He is such a sweet little man. That smile, the giggles -- melts my heart. To boot, he looks so cute in his polo shirt.

What's new with the little guy? His menu isn't limited to just formula as we introduced cereal about a week ago. Rice cereal was not warmly received by Sam's digestive system, so this weekend we tried oatmeal. By the way he gobbled it up and then slept 10 solid hours, tells me it is definitely more Sam's taste.

As for development, the boy loves to roll, more from his back to front, but can get from his back to front if he really works at it. The boy loves the jumperoo. He gets to bouncing the minute his legs touch the ground. It helps tremendously having another entertainment center for him, especially while I am cooking each evening.

At his last doctor's appointment the boy was 16 lbs. 6 oz. The doctor's office has been a familiar spot of late. A few weeks ago he was battling a cough that wouldn't quit. Armed with an at-home nebulizer, the cough finally was defeated. Of course, all this happened just a few days before his well visit, which he passed with flying colors. Last week, he was back because daycare was worried that the projectile spit up could no longer be classified as routine, but it had moved into the category of vommiting. An eleventh hour doctor's visit, reassured us that he was just fine.

As much adoration that Ella pours over Sam, he gives it right back. The boy is all smiles anytime she comes near him. Knowing the love fest won't last forever, I am treasuring these peaceful, loving moments between the two kiddos.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Gold Medal in Cuteness

Gold Medal in Cuteness
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The first thing I think when I see this picture is "Seriously, I share genes with this beautiful creature? Did I really bring the right child home with me two years ago?' Ah, I adore this sweet girl.

The medal around her neck came from daycare. The Olympics have been the theme for the past few weeks. Ella has been learning everything from the letter "O" to eating Chinese snacks, and at night she has been watching various events on tv. I have really enjoyed watching her take in the Olympics. She watches with such amazement and curiosity. Her favorites have definitely been gymnastics and swimming. She loves to mimic the gymnasts and each time she sees swimming, she asks to go to the pool.

The Olympics have definitely interfered with our productivity, but so has the fact that we've been on the road the past two weekends. This is one reason I haven't blogged much. There is quite a lot going on with us, but right now I am fighting to get Ella down for the night. So, look for other posts soon. Hopefully, there won't be too weeks between posts again.