Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Movin' on Up

While it wasn't an official first day of school, for Ella, it might have been as she moved into a new room at daycare. She is no longer a Lion. As of yesterday, she became a Cheetah B and is now considered part of the big kids at the center.

We knew the move was coming. The center was waiting until the kindergartners had departed. Ella seems to have handled the adjustment fairly well. Mike said she was a little hesitant at drop off this morning. By time he peeked in on her after dropping Mr. Sam off, she was full of smiles. Her new teachers are Miss Emily and Miss Tiffany. I haven't gotten the opportunity to interact with them as they are early teachers at the center, meaning by 5 pm both are gone. The next time I swing through to see Sam, I hope to chat with them and get a better sense of the room and her new schedule. Of Ella's friends, a few made the move. I don't think Ava did since she is not completely potty trained. I hope she comes over soon as Ella talks about her all the time.

I know. I know. I say it repeatedly but my little girl is growing up too fast.

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