Saturday, August 16, 2008

Gold Medal in Cuteness

Gold Medal in Cuteness
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The first thing I think when I see this picture is "Seriously, I share genes with this beautiful creature? Did I really bring the right child home with me two years ago?' Ah, I adore this sweet girl.

The medal around her neck came from daycare. The Olympics have been the theme for the past few weeks. Ella has been learning everything from the letter "O" to eating Chinese snacks, and at night she has been watching various events on tv. I have really enjoyed watching her take in the Olympics. She watches with such amazement and curiosity. Her favorites have definitely been gymnastics and swimming. She loves to mimic the gymnasts and each time she sees swimming, she asks to go to the pool.

The Olympics have definitely interfered with our productivity, but so has the fact that we've been on the road the past two weekends. This is one reason I haven't blogged much. There is quite a lot going on with us, but right now I am fighting to get Ella down for the night. So, look for other posts soon. Hopefully, there won't be too weeks between posts again.

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Little M said...

So cute!