Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The advertising industry is a changin

And you better be on top of it if you want to keep up. My little nugget for today. Probably more of mental note, but thanks for reading!

Monday, June 26, 2006

My first taste of cereal

Yum Yum
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We rebelled and gave Ella cereal. The doc suggested waiting another two weeks. We, Ella included, were ready to give it a try. More ended up on her chin than in our belly, which is what we expected. Ella certainly understood that when the spoon came near her mouth to open wide. She just couldn't keep her tongue from pushing the food out, but she sure seemed to like the taste of it.

My mom got to witness her first bite and so lovingly photographed every yummy bite. Grandma also got some quality time with her granddaughter. Brian and she kicked Mike and I out for an evening, so they could spoil her. Mike and I dragged ourselves to the Legends out by the race track, to enjoy a good meal and much needed conversation. We ended the evening by meeting up with the Comers, who were out celebrating their 6th year anniversary (Congrats to them!) for a few drinks.

Sunday, Miss Payton came over and spent the night with us. It gave Mike and I a very small glimpse into what it might be like to attempt to get two kids ready in the morning. Everything went so smoothly and the kids slept well, so I know that will never happen again. We both were pulling out of the garage just slightly after 7 am. That rarely happens with just Ella. Miss P was a doll. She was so helpful, always asking me what Ella needed and how she could help. She picked out Ella's clothes for today, brushed her hair, threw away dirty diapers, and everything in between. She was such a big help!

It's hard to believe another weekend has come and gone.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Check me out!

Ella & the Bumbo Seat!
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"What in the sam-scratch is Ella sitting on?" The answer: The bumbo seat, chair, floatation device, I don't know. All I know is it has the name Bumbo, and its just *the* hottest new fashion accessory. In fact, I just saw Paris Hilton sitting in one the other day.

But what it really is, is a very cool chair that "miss thang" can sit upright in and she can just look all around. Its good for her neck muscles and its made of a firm, but soft rubbery (flubber?) substance.

Again, "so what?"

Apparently there is 3 page waiting list for these freaking things down at Toys R Us.

Seriously. The black market for these things is incredible. We got ours though a source who only wanted to be known as "Fat Tony".

Okay, so I know this makes us goofy parents always wanting the latest and greatest thing for our daughter, but, she does seem to like it.

Even if our source had to knock off a couple of people to get it. It was so worth it to see the smile on her face.


Sunday, June 18, 2006

From Daddy's Little Girl

Daddy and me
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Happy first Father's Day, daddy.

Thanks for being such an amazing dad. For only being a parent for four months, I'd think you're doing a fabulous job, especially since I can be a bit difficult to figure out sometimes -- I hear I get that trait from my mom. You're definitely setting the standards high for any future boyfriends. Yes, I know I'm not allowed to have one until I'm at least 25.

In a short time, we're created so many wonderful memories. My favorites are the simple moments like being silly with you while we sit on the chaise. Who knew playing our games of touching noses and who has a longer tongue could be so much fun.

A few requests, promise me you'll never stop singing to me -- although you could add some new ones to your set list. I love falling asleep in your arms as you sing me to sleep. Mom was right, there's no better way to fall asleep than on your chest.

We'll work on your fashion sense. You do a good job getting me dressed in the morning, but it's a good thing mom picks out my clothes. Just remind her to also set out my socks as well.

You're made me many promises and pledges, and I won't hold you to every last one. Outside of loving me forever, all I ask is you keep my diaper dry, my belly full and mom sane -- the world seems to spin a little smoother when that happens.

Well dad, I'm dictating this to mom, but she's telling me it's bed time. I have so many wonderful things to say about you, but know above all that I love you so very much and I couldn't have asked for a better dad.

Your little girl

Friday, June 16, 2006

Father's Day

Father's Day
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Poor Mike is having a crappy day, so I had to share this with him a few days early. Daycare put this together, and I think it's just the sweetest thing. It was waiting for me when I went to visit her at lunch.

Mike loved it, and I hope for a moment forgot what a bad day it has been.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


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What a sweet daddy and daughter moment. I captured this over the weekend. Ella seems to prefer Mike to me at naptime and bedtime. He has a knack for getting her to fall asleep fairly quickly.

Although tonight, she's laying with me in the chair. She hasn't been in the best of moods tonight, which is understandable considering she got her 4-month shots today. The poor thing is just lethargic and wants to be held. I was more than happy to oblige her. She is running a low-grade fever as well. She was a champ at her appointment. She cried once she felt the first stick, but fell asleep once we were in the car.

Overall, the doctor says she's doing great and growing at good rate (her weight was 15 pounds 1 oz.) -- again we have a happy, healthy, adorable little girl. I feel so blessed.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Couch Potatoes

Couch Potatoes
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What a wonderful weekend! Outside of getting the Vue serviced, we had no plans this weekend, no schedule to keep, no places to be. Every weekend should be like this. Of course, our house is still messy, laundry isn't quite completed, and nothing was crossed off my to-do list, but we relaxed, we laughed, and we hung out. Outside of floating on a boat all day, it was pretty great weekend.

Holding My Own

Mike just called me downstairs. I went down to find Ms. Ella holding her own bottle. I let out a shot of awe, which caused her to pull the bottle out. She then turned to me and shot me a slightly annoyed look, like I was crazy for getting so excited over something so small and distracting her.

Lately, she's been putting her hands on the bottle, but this was the first time Mike pulled his hands away and the bottle stayed. She doesn't have actual control of the bottle, but it's a small step into her development. She also is babbling away these days. Her and I spent a good part of the day yesterday laying around and talking. She can hold her own in any conversation. I imagine she gets her gift for gab from me. The odd thing is we've noticed she talks more when she's laying down.

I am suppose to be looking for dinner recipes, so back to the reason why I'm on the computer.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Peeking Through

It's official, Ella has a tooth that's trying to push through. It's awfully early for this. Daycare and my mom had suspected that she was beginning to teethe. She has been gnawing on her hands frequently, beginning to drool more and taken a liking to the cold teething rings. Sunday night, Mike and I were finally able to get a good look in her mouth and saw a tiny white tip pushing through her top gum. Yes, her top. Most babies get their bottom ones first. Not Ella, she wants to be different.

I wasn't exactly sure if what we saw was a tooth. It's not like she lets us leisurely gawk at it, but daycare confirmed it yesterday. I'm not ready for this. I want to freeze time. I'm just in awe of how much she's changing every day. It hit home this morning when I saw Ella next to a 7-week old at her daycare. Anna started today and Ella towered over her. How can it be that this is Ella's 5th week at daycare and next week she's 4-months old?

Monday, June 05, 2006

A Year Ago

I'm a little solider
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One year ago, Mike and I learned about Miss Ella’s existence. I took the pg test on a Sunday evening, even though Mike and I said we'd wait until the morning. I was impatient and had to know if my instinct was right. My, what a year!

Here’s another photo from this weekend. Ella was hanging out in the boppy pillow while we got prepared for our boating adventure. I changed the boppy cover to fit with the theme of the weekend. This photo cracks me up. What a doll.

Saving my life

Saving my life
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Too tired to write anything -- weekend was good. Ella liked the boat, but as any kid hated the lifejacket. Cried until the boat took off and then was content, that is until the boat stopped. The parents loved spending the weekend near and on the water. Ella was so excited to be there that she forgot how to sleep. More later.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


My favorite new song by the Dixie Chicks:

They didn't have you where I come from - Never knew the best was yet to come -- Life began when I saw your face -- And I hear you laugh like a serenade

How long do you want to be loved -- Is forever enough, if forever enough -- How long do you want to be loved - Is forever enough, 'cause I'm never never givin' you up

I slip in bed when you're asleep -- to hold you close and feel your breath on me. Tomorrow there'll be so much to do -- so tonight I'll drift in a dream with you ....

As you wander through this troubled world -- in search of all things beautiful -- you can close your eyes when you're miles away -- an hear my voice like a serenade....

Blissful Sleep

Sweet Ella slept so wonderful last night. She went down at 9:45 after a shower, a little bit of a bottle and some cuddling time with dad. And get this, she slept until 5:10. A, WHO HOO!!!

Mind you, I still haven't learned my lesson. I didn't crawl into bed until nearly 11. I did wake up a few times concerned that she hadn't woke me up, but I resisted running to her room because I knew I would wake her. When I went to her at 5, she was at the end of the crib with her feet in the air, propped up against the side of the crib. How that was comfortable, I'll never know. Tonight, I'll be looking for the repeat button.