Thursday, June 01, 2006

Blissful Sleep

Sweet Ella slept so wonderful last night. She went down at 9:45 after a shower, a little bit of a bottle and some cuddling time with dad. And get this, she slept until 5:10. A, WHO HOO!!!

Mind you, I still haven't learned my lesson. I didn't crawl into bed until nearly 11. I did wake up a few times concerned that she hadn't woke me up, but I resisted running to her room because I knew I would wake her. When I went to her at 5, she was at the end of the crib with her feet in the air, propped up against the side of the crib. How that was comfortable, I'll never know. Tonight, I'll be looking for the repeat button.


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Belinda said...

its always good when the little ones start sleeping through the night, i know my cousin had twins