Monday, June 26, 2006

My first taste of cereal

Yum Yum
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We rebelled and gave Ella cereal. The doc suggested waiting another two weeks. We, Ella included, were ready to give it a try. More ended up on her chin than in our belly, which is what we expected. Ella certainly understood that when the spoon came near her mouth to open wide. She just couldn't keep her tongue from pushing the food out, but she sure seemed to like the taste of it.

My mom got to witness her first bite and so lovingly photographed every yummy bite. Grandma also got some quality time with her granddaughter. Brian and she kicked Mike and I out for an evening, so they could spoil her. Mike and I dragged ourselves to the Legends out by the race track, to enjoy a good meal and much needed conversation. We ended the evening by meeting up with the Comers, who were out celebrating their 6th year anniversary (Congrats to them!) for a few drinks.

Sunday, Miss Payton came over and spent the night with us. It gave Mike and I a very small glimpse into what it might be like to attempt to get two kids ready in the morning. Everything went so smoothly and the kids slept well, so I know that will never happen again. We both were pulling out of the garage just slightly after 7 am. That rarely happens with just Ella. Miss P was a doll. She was so helpful, always asking me what Ella needed and how she could help. She picked out Ella's clothes for today, brushed her hair, threw away dirty diapers, and everything in between. She was such a big help!

It's hard to believe another weekend has come and gone.

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