Sunday, June 11, 2006

Holding My Own

Mike just called me downstairs. I went down to find Ms. Ella holding her own bottle. I let out a shot of awe, which caused her to pull the bottle out. She then turned to me and shot me a slightly annoyed look, like I was crazy for getting so excited over something so small and distracting her.

Lately, she's been putting her hands on the bottle, but this was the first time Mike pulled his hands away and the bottle stayed. She doesn't have actual control of the bottle, but it's a small step into her development. She also is babbling away these days. Her and I spent a good part of the day yesterday laying around and talking. She can hold her own in any conversation. I imagine she gets her gift for gab from me. The odd thing is we've noticed she talks more when she's laying down.

I am suppose to be looking for dinner recipes, so back to the reason why I'm on the computer.

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