Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Peeking Through

It's official, Ella has a tooth that's trying to push through. It's awfully early for this. Daycare and my mom had suspected that she was beginning to teethe. She has been gnawing on her hands frequently, beginning to drool more and taken a liking to the cold teething rings. Sunday night, Mike and I were finally able to get a good look in her mouth and saw a tiny white tip pushing through her top gum. Yes, her top. Most babies get their bottom ones first. Not Ella, she wants to be different.

I wasn't exactly sure if what we saw was a tooth. It's not like she lets us leisurely gawk at it, but daycare confirmed it yesterday. I'm not ready for this. I want to freeze time. I'm just in awe of how much she's changing every day. It hit home this morning when I saw Ella next to a 7-week old at her daycare. Anna started today and Ella towered over her. How can it be that this is Ella's 5th week at daycare and next week she's 4-months old?

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lgbowling said...

Ella is taking after her papa. Mike cut his first tooth between three and four months and it was a bottom tooth! Seems like the second tooth followed soon after....so look out!!! Here Ella is cutting her first tooth and Tacy lost her first tooth! Love, Grandma Glenda