Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween
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The little ladybug says Happy Halloween to everyone. She has a busy day ahead of her -- trick-or-treating at the federal building, at the firm with mommy and then the tour of the neighborhood with her little mermaid friend, Miss Payton. That is if the weather cooperates. If not, she will help dad pass out treats to all the kids that stop by our house.

This is Mike's favorite holiday, so he is totally excited Me, I just want the candy banished from the house.

Also, happy birthday to Kim. It's a big one this year, so we hope she has a very happy birthday, even though she's not too excited about this birthday. Hopefully, we'll get to celebrate real soon. Also, Baby Wakeman should make his or her grand entrance on Halloween. We are so excited for our neighbors. They are going to be awesome parents, and it's another child to our growing cul-de-sac. Think pink. We need more females in the neighborhood.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Our Anniversary

Four years ago today. Mike and I were married in a beautiful ceremony. So many great memories from that day, but life since has been even sweeter.

Last week, I was talking with a friend, and she said to me after chatting with Mike that, "Mike is so nice and so kind. I hope you know how lucky you are." I told her that I did, but it is always good to be reminded of how good I have it. She then said "because not everyone gets so lucky." On this day and every day, I truly am so thankful for my wonderful, caring husband.

No big celebration tonight -- hard to do in the middle of the week with an 8 month old. We're trying to plan something for next weekend. We only need to figure out what to do.

I'm beat. I have been awake since 3:45 this morning, so I tapped and off to bed. My husband is so understanding (and tired himself) l that I know he won't mind me ending this day early.

Happy four years sweetheart. I love you. Thank you for being you. I believe there is no better match for me.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Speed of Life

My first unofficial cinnabon
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Crazy busy is how the past few weeks have been. We've been keeping busy with watching Payton for three overnights (great insight into what it will be like to have two kids), Grandma & Grandpa visiting from Nebraska, my trip to Omaha, and a road trip to Maryville for Northwest's homecoming. I just so sad that my favorite month is coming to an end. Winter and the holidays are quickly approaching, and I'm so not ready for either. What is it, like 10 Saturdays until

Ella is doing great. Right now, she's sacked out on Mike's chest. She looks so peaceful and he's enjoying every breath. She has three new teeth. One top tooth has broken through and the other one is so close to making a appearance.

She also has learned a new skill or rather grandma and grandpa encouraged her to conquer the stairs. Mike and I left Ella in their loving care to run some errands, and when we got back, Ella was so proud to show off her new moves. So now Mike and I shadow her constantly as she travels up the stairs. At least, we're getting some exercise.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Away from my two favorite people

I'm in Omaha tonight for work, away from my two favorite people. I miss them like crazy, but I'm fortunate that it's only for one night. I also am heading back to Kansas City after a lunch meeting with a reporter. I hope to make it back to pick Ella up from day care. I can't wait to see that wonderful smile.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Applefest in Weston

I want that one
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The family enjoyed a beautiful, sunny fall Saturday at Applefest in Weston. We ended the day with a visit to the Red Barn Farm for apples, pumpkins and cider.

This was our first year to attend the fall festival and we'll definitely go again. I had no clue how big the festival is and how many people attend. We sampled the tasty treats and the kids' activities, and strolled down main street. Overall, we just loved being outside on a beautiful day.

We took Payton with us and it was a day of many firsts for her. She rode in a school bus -- it was the transportation in to town. She also rode a pony for the first time.

Rene has tried repeatedly to get Payton to ride a horse. When we were walking down the hill to the kid's activities, we saw the ponies. I asked Payton if she wanted to ride them and she flatly refused. Instead, she wanted to swing, have her face painted and bead a necklace. As we were relaxing on the grass debating our next move, Payton announced that she wanted to ride the ponies. As we stood in line, I asked Payton if she wanted me to walk along side her and she reminded me more than once that she was a big girl and could do it herself.

The only damper on the day was Mike wasn't feeling too well. His stomach just wasn't right, but he was a trooper all day long. While Payton and I did our thing, Ella and Mike relaxed in the grass. Of course Miss Ella wanted to eat the grass. We enjoyed having Payton around especially Miss Ella. She's all smiles when Payton is playing with her and just loves to watch her every move.

Best quotes from the weekend, both attributed to Payton.

"Ella is my best friend."
--Payton told Rene as they were preparing for the day.

"Amanda, these turkeys can walk, but the turkeys at Thanksgiving -- they can't walk.'
--Payton telling me this as we toured the farm at the Red Barn.

The wisdom of a four year old.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Don't look away

No to mixed veggies
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I turned away for two seconds to check on an Ebay auction and when I turned back to check on Ella, this is what I saw. How did she create that mess so fast. The bottom picture shows where all the food went. Her message to me: more table food less baby food.

I did win the auction by the way -- this adorable purple winter coat, hat and mittens for $10 (includes shipping). The money I saved should go to my hardwoods fund.

Reason #84 -- Why I want hardwoods

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Oh, the mess Ella can make and all the more reasons I need hardwoods. I at least need to get a mat for under high chair. Ella gave me a good reminder why it would a wise thing to have.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Quickie Thoughts

Amanda says that it has been a while since I have posted, and she's totally right! It was my idea to write this blog and she's been doing all the entries. And I have to say is I'm okay with that. She's obviously a MUCH better writer than I am. I have been reading a blog that enters stuff in a "quickie" style format--here's my takes:

1. Two Words: ELLA RIFIC Ella is doing great. We think we may have cut our first UPPER tooth. She's been very funky when it comes to teeth--two of her bottom teeth broke through and that's been the status quo for what seems like three months now. Who knows when the rest will follow. She woke up this morning at 4:15 or so and she was, how do you say it? WIDE AWAKE. and I'm not saying oh, she was awake and needed her pacifier. She was "lets get on the floor and play, laugh roll around, chase Yoshi until he hisses at me" awake. As cute as that grin and smile is, its like the anti-christ when you see it at 4:15 in the morning and you know that you have a lot more sleep behind you than you have ahead of you once you get her back down. So 30 minutes and 5 oz. of formula later, we finally fell back asleep and probably could have slept until 8 if Daddy wasn't a big meanie and woke me up!

2. My iBook is sick. I have to get it to the Apple Store STAT. But I can't get a stupid reservation at a time that woks for me! I think the motherboard might be fried, but thankfully it hung tight enough for me I could backup all of Ella's pictures off of it.

3. I hope the Chiefs aren't done but they don't look very good right now. The defense is already ranked 4th in the nation--that's one hell of a turnaround, but HELLO? What the hell happened to the offense? Get healthy Trent!

That's it for now! Me too tired to type any more!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Quote of the Day

“…they put the kids on the floor and it was like watching infant demolition derby.”

The quote is attributed to an observer watching Lucas and Ella play together.

Ella's first chili experience

Enjoying some chili
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Oh, what fun Ella had and the mess she must have made. I'm thankful I didn't have to clean it up. Although, I am still trying to get the stains out of her shirt.

Ella had another first food experience last night: soft taco. Rene shared an extra one with Ella. She enjoyed it. I think she finds the texture and taste of food fascinating, but I also believe that she likes being included and eating at the same time as everyone else.

Monday, October 02, 2006

From Kittens to Lambs

Ella received her first diploma on Friday. It reads, "Kittens' Room Diploma presented to Ella Bowling for successfully completing all her developmental stages in order to graduate from our infant room." Bonnie, the daycare director and Miss Tanya, her lead teacher, signed the diploma. My sweetheart is no longer a kitten. She's now a lamb.

Today was our first day in the new classroom, and she had a great day. Faith moved up today as well, so at least she went with her buddy. Her new lead teacher is Miss Jenny and she's quite sweet and very energetic. We'll miss Miss Tanya, but we'll still see her at drop offs and pick ups.

We're also experimenting more with table food. She's had quite the sampling of food at daycare. Ella isn't a picky eater. She will eat almost anything that's put in front of her. She had waffles, pancakes, quesadillas, and even chili. Yes, chili. I still don't have the stains out of her clothes from that day. I think she really enjoyed it.