Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Speed of Life

My first unofficial cinnabon
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Crazy busy is how the past few weeks have been. We've been keeping busy with watching Payton for three overnights (great insight into what it will be like to have two kids), Grandma & Grandpa visiting from Nebraska, my trip to Omaha, and a road trip to Maryville for Northwest's homecoming. I just so sad that my favorite month is coming to an end. Winter and the holidays are quickly approaching, and I'm so not ready for either. What is it, like 10 Saturdays until

Ella is doing great. Right now, she's sacked out on Mike's chest. She looks so peaceful and he's enjoying every breath. She has three new teeth. One top tooth has broken through and the other one is so close to making a appearance.

She also has learned a new skill or rather grandma and grandpa encouraged her to conquer the stairs. Mike and I left Ella in their loving care to run some errands, and when we got back, Ella was so proud to show off her new moves. So now Mike and I shadow her constantly as she travels up the stairs. At least, we're getting some exercise.

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