Thursday, October 05, 2006

Quickie Thoughts

Amanda says that it has been a while since I have posted, and she's totally right! It was my idea to write this blog and she's been doing all the entries. And I have to say is I'm okay with that. She's obviously a MUCH better writer than I am. I have been reading a blog that enters stuff in a "quickie" style format--here's my takes:

1. Two Words: ELLA RIFIC Ella is doing great. We think we may have cut our first UPPER tooth. She's been very funky when it comes to teeth--two of her bottom teeth broke through and that's been the status quo for what seems like three months now. Who knows when the rest will follow. She woke up this morning at 4:15 or so and she was, how do you say it? WIDE AWAKE. and I'm not saying oh, she was awake and needed her pacifier. She was "lets get on the floor and play, laugh roll around, chase Yoshi until he hisses at me" awake. As cute as that grin and smile is, its like the anti-christ when you see it at 4:15 in the morning and you know that you have a lot more sleep behind you than you have ahead of you once you get her back down. So 30 minutes and 5 oz. of formula later, we finally fell back asleep and probably could have slept until 8 if Daddy wasn't a big meanie and woke me up!

2. My iBook is sick. I have to get it to the Apple Store STAT. But I can't get a stupid reservation at a time that woks for me! I think the motherboard might be fried, but thankfully it hung tight enough for me I could backup all of Ella's pictures off of it.

3. I hope the Chiefs aren't done but they don't look very good right now. The defense is already ranked 4th in the nation--that's one hell of a turnaround, but HELLO? What the hell happened to the offense? Get healthy Trent!

That's it for now! Me too tired to type any more!

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