Sunday, October 08, 2006

Applefest in Weston

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The family enjoyed a beautiful, sunny fall Saturday at Applefest in Weston. We ended the day with a visit to the Red Barn Farm for apples, pumpkins and cider.

This was our first year to attend the fall festival and we'll definitely go again. I had no clue how big the festival is and how many people attend. We sampled the tasty treats and the kids' activities, and strolled down main street. Overall, we just loved being outside on a beautiful day.

We took Payton with us and it was a day of many firsts for her. She rode in a school bus -- it was the transportation in to town. She also rode a pony for the first time.

Rene has tried repeatedly to get Payton to ride a horse. When we were walking down the hill to the kid's activities, we saw the ponies. I asked Payton if she wanted to ride them and she flatly refused. Instead, she wanted to swing, have her face painted and bead a necklace. As we were relaxing on the grass debating our next move, Payton announced that she wanted to ride the ponies. As we stood in line, I asked Payton if she wanted me to walk along side her and she reminded me more than once that she was a big girl and could do it herself.

The only damper on the day was Mike wasn't feeling too well. His stomach just wasn't right, but he was a trooper all day long. While Payton and I did our thing, Ella and Mike relaxed in the grass. Of course Miss Ella wanted to eat the grass. We enjoyed having Payton around especially Miss Ella. She's all smiles when Payton is playing with her and just loves to watch her every move.

Best quotes from the weekend, both attributed to Payton.

"Ella is my best friend."
--Payton told Rene as they were preparing for the day.

"Amanda, these turkeys can walk, but the turkeys at Thanksgiving -- they can't walk.'
--Payton telling me this as we toured the farm at the Red Barn.

The wisdom of a four year old.

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