Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Beached Whale

Less than 5 weeks and counting. I think I am in denial that I am having another child. Of course, I can't wait to hold that precious boy, but my head cannot wrap itself around the fact that we will have two children in our household. Seriously, two kids. What were we thinking and this soon. We're not emotionally, mentally, physically or financially ready for this or at least I'm not. Ugh, there is SO much to do, things to buy, things to re-organize, stuff to be found, cleaned and set up, lists to be made, work work that needs my attention..... The list just keeps growing and my motivation keeps waning.

So much for thinking I would stay on the small side. I feel like and look like a beached whale. I caught a side profile of myself and just wanted to cry. It is not a pretty picture. My face got fat and my back side exploded this past week. If it gets any bigger, I swear I will bust a seam in my pants. I tell myself to enjoy these last few weeks because this quite possibly could be the last time I am ever pregnant. I'm trying, but I can't do it today.

My other gripe is if special dress code allowances are made for people who have had foot surgery, why can't pregnant woman get a pass when they are in their last month. What's so wrong with wearing yoga pants and oversized hoodies to work, at least I would be comfortable. Overall, my maternity clothes really are okay, but I am just I'm tired of wearing what seems to be the same 5 outfits each week.

It's apparent that today has not been the best day. I'm hormonal, tired and feeling quite off kilter. The good thing is at least it's almost over, and hopefully I'll awake tomorrow to find a sunnier and happy disposition waitingt for me at the foot of my bed.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

And this little piggy went Wii Wii Wii!

Sorry folks, its the best way that I could announce on here the newest member of the Bowling household...the very sought after Nintendo Wii!*

*Quick aside---its currently 10:30 on Sunday night--Ella is asleep, and Amanda is catching up with the Oscars on the TiVo and I'm currently awaiting the restart of the Sprint Cup race in California. On normal nights, the light would be turned off and we would be heading off to sleepy world, but I'm going to wait the rain delay out and watch the part of the race upto halfway of when it officially becomes......uh....official.

Amanda's brother Scott, had a very keen eye up at the Best Buy in Sioux City and was able to track us one down! So for the last week we have been playing every once in a while, working on our Tennis and Bowling skills on the Wii Sports game that comes with it. Its been fun and a nice stress reliever for us. Ella even likes to get in on the act, she will watch Mommy and Daddy and plays with her "Wiimote" and swings it over her head and then points it at the TV. She's even request to go down stairs and "watch Wii". Its just too funny.

We had Scott and Tricia down on Saturday night and we had a little impromptu Taco Night/Wii Party. Many thanks to their friend Kyle who let us borrow 2 of his Wiimotes and his Guitar Hero III as well. That game is on the list for sure. I do have a good feeling that the Wii won't be near as possible during the summer months, but during this crazy winter and and with Amanda's pending maternity leave, it will be some fun for her when hopefully everybody is down for a nap!

Race update....are you serious? Its currently 11:17 right now...9:17 at the track...and they say they will be back racing by the TOP of the hour which means 10:00pm for the drivers...which also means 1:00 *A.M.* on the east coast...yeah, all of 10 people will be watching that. Not to mention all of 10 people will be in the stands at the track. That speedway already has enough issues as it is. Crazy. I can't believe it. I guess it doesn't matter, neither one of us can sleep at the moment.

The weekend overall was good. We were soo wiped out from the party and family last weekend that we were anxious for a lower key weekend and having some fun with the Wii. We did make a run down to the Mall of the Great Plains down in Olathe. It has some big open spaces and we figured that Ella needed to stretch her legs and run a little bit. We did come across a little place for kids and birthday parties that have a little kiddie train that goes around a track. Ella saw it and really wanted to ride it so we went in and bought a couple of tickets and Ella took a ride all by herself! She looked SO CUTE riding it with a big smile on her face. It was really the first time she's ever done anything like that without Mommy or Daddy tagging along for the ride. Amanda and I were just beaming. I turned to Amanda and said "I know its just a train ride, but I feel like she just left for college"! Crazy feelings being a parent sometimes, I tell ya.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

April 2

April 2 has always been a special day in the history of Mike's and my relationship. April 2, 2000 was the day we officially started dating. Although it had lost its significance once we started celebrating wedding anniversaries, we both remember the events of the day well. We met in St. Joe, Mike came from Lincoln and me from Kansas City. I arrived first, and I remember him scaring me while I waited in my car, our walk through a park in St. Joe, the ice cream treat, and most importantly neither of us wanting to leave the other. It wasn't until we were about to depart that Mike summoned the courage to ask me to be his girl.

Why the walk down memory lane? Well, it was only tonight that Mike and I realized that our second child, our sweet baby boy, is due on April 2. Man, how pathetic are we that it only took us until I have 6 weeks left to connect the dots?! Yes, it's unlikely I will actually deliver on April 2, but now I have more reasons to hope for an April delivery.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Coughs and Lack of Sleep

Poor Ella had an incredibly tough night last night as she is battling a cough and some congestion. No one in our house got much sleep last night. Ella couldn't seem to decide what she wanted and her parents couldn't do anything right by her. The poor kid cried way too many tears last night and in the process broke our hearts.

At one point, she was standing in the middle of her room just sobbing when she paused for a moment and said, "mommy and daddy's room." I think it was almost midnight. Mike and I were exhausted, and even though Ella hadn't spent a night in our bed since her 1st birthday, we knew this was not a battle we wanted to wage, so we all climbed in our bed. It certainly couldn't be described as restfull sleep between her tossing and turning and coughs and cries. Once I determined she had been resting peacefully for some time, I took her back to her bed. But it wasn't long before she was crying again for mommy and daddy, so Mike carried her back to bed. We finally got her down in her own bed close to 3 am, giving Mike and 3 1/2 hours of decent sleep. I desperately wanted so stay in bed this morning and just sleep. Mike said when he went to wake up Ella, her response was, "Let me sleep daddy." How he wished he could have.

I hope tonight goes better. She's been down since 8:15, but is making quite a bit of noise. My body and my brain really need a solid night's sleep. I've said before but sleep is a beautiful thing especially when it takes place in my comfy, cozy bed with my husband next to me. I'm off to experience those joys.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Birthday Photos

Birthday Wishes
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The house is quiet now, well except for the race Mike is watching. Maybe it's better to say, the house is empty. We enjoyed having everyone down, but now we're enjoying some downtime.

We've gone through some of our birthday photos and posted a few. Looking back, it really was a good week, although I think all of us are ready for a slightly more low-key week. My only goal today is laundry and relaxing. We do need to get back on the baby train, which can wait one more day. Off to take a nap, my body is exhausted and my back is hurting.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Post Birthday Post

Yes, this post is a few days late. It's been a busy week, what else can I say. Ella's birthday celebration has now come to a close. Last night was the final portion. A little less than 25 people, including 7 other kids, invaded our house. I believe everyone had fun. I did. I just always wish I had more time to talk with everyone. I had a tough time keeping tabs on my kid. She loved having so many kids in her space, but it is at times like these that I realize how small our house is.

Ella kicked off her birthday by actually waking up her parents at the time she was born. While she has made the transition to her new room easily, she is crying out more in the night than she did in the crib. Mike went to her because the last time I got up with her in the middle of the night, I didn't fall back asleep. While he was in with her, I heard her scream, "I want my mommy." I sprung from the bed, ventured in her room, reassured her and placed her blankets in the appropriate order on her back. When Mike and I were back in our room a few moments later, we realized the time. We took a few seconds to reminisce and then crawled back to bed.

The night of her birthday (for Mike and I it's not really Valentine's Day anymore), we picked her up early but waited until her Valentine's Day party was over, and hit Oak Park Mall, where she enjoyed two rides on the carousel, an overpriced meal at Rain Forest Cafe and time to run around in the kid's area. She dug the atmosphere at Rain Forest. Her favorite animal was the cheetah. She was a bit skittish around the elephants. She wanted to get up close and personal, but only if she was in one of our arms. She ended the night by opening the gifts from her parents. Overall, I believe she had a fun night. She talked the next morning about how she got to ride horseys. I worried at first we weren't doing enough to make her day special, and my ever wise and objective husband pointed out that we need to enjoy the days when she is completely entertained by $2 carousel rides and spending time with mom and dad.

Friday was special because it was her party at daycare. We waited a day to celebrate, so she and the other kids in her class would get a separate Valentine's Day party and a birthday party. Ella was so excited to take in cupcakes that she had to hold them the whole drive in. When we walked in, another girl in her class said, "Ella more cupcakes," in complete disbelief. It gave us a nice chuckle.

With her party being Saturday night and the usual way her parents procrastinate, Mike and I spent a few hours Saturday morning running around for food and supplies. Ella spent the time hanging out with grandma and grandpa. We had everything ready just in time for the first guests to arrive. Ella was spoiled with lots of cool gifts. I hope to post pictures later today.

Monday, February 11, 2008

New Big Girl Room

New Big Girl Room
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It is a momentous night in the Bowling household as E is spending her first night in her new big girl room. So far, she's doing great. She's been down for over an hour and we haven't heard a peep out of her. We both want to check on her, but know better then to wake the sleepy giant.

It will be a slow transition, but I finally feel like we are making progress in our preparations for baby boy. While E's bed and some toys are the only things in the room right now, we will add a dresser and bookshelves once we move the computer desk out. It's quite the purple room but E seems happy with it, and I adore her bedding. Now, we are on the hunt for decor items.

The past few days have been a blur. We drove up to Omaha on Saturday to surprise my mom, who thought she was coming to Omaha to have a birthday dinner with my youngest brother. Little did she know, all her children and her precious grandchild would be in attendance. Even though it was the furthest we had ever driven for a meal, the company and the food definitely made it worth the drive. Mike spent Sunday painting, and Ella and I were busy making arrangements for her birthday week while spending time playing together. I can't believe the little rascal turns two. It's a busy week in the Bowling household, but it will be a good week.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Pregnancy Weight Rant

Bear with me, I have another pregnancy rant. For some reason, being pregnant means people, co-workers, general strangers, etc. have the right to ask inappropriate questions or make asinine statements. Seriously people, I am not wearing a sign that says, "Yes, I want your thoughts on breast feeding, what is or isn't appropriate for me to eat, why only good mothers stay at home with their children and my birth plan." Please note if you are a good friend or family member, who I commonly discuss personal matters with, these comments are not directed to you. Trust me, I appreciate and respect your honesty. I enjoy and want to have an educated, respectful discussion on most topics related to pregnancy and child rearing. What irks me to no end are the ones who judge and spout off before they filter it through their head.

The spark for this rant is some inappropriate comments I have received this week. Taken individually, I let them roll, but I've had too many and it has pushed me over the edge. Earlier this week, a women in the elevator was stunned to hear how far along I was. She responded with, "Are you sure there isn't anything wrong with the baby because you are too small for being 30+." This was the same woman who said to me last pregnancy, "You must be having a girl because you are big everywhere." One example of the loving and heartfelt wishes I've heard.

It really shouldn't come as any surprise to anyone that I am a bit sensitive to matters concerning my weight, but quite honestly, keep any opinions, thoughts or general observations about my weight to yourself. I really don't want to hear it. If you do feel inclined to say anything, I would suggest, "Wow, you look great for being thirty plus weeks."

Yes, I am carrying this baby boy differently than Ella. It's natural. It's a different kid, but no worries the kid is progressing just fine. I had a doctor's appointment today where I expressed the concern that the general observation is I am on the small side. Her first comment, which is why I love all five feet of my petite, feisty doctor, was "Why can't people just keep their damn opinions to themselves and their mouths shut." She had me lie down and measured my belly. She said, "Just what I thought, you are right on target." We then discussed weight gain, how pregnancies vary and how amazingly complex the human body truly is.

So while I appreciate everyone's concern, the kid is still cooking right along and she still expects him to be between 7 1/2 and 8 pounds. Time will tell, but that's enough of my rant.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Baby Book Phase I

This past weekend, I completed the first phrase of a very personal project that I have shared with no one except Mike. Rather than do a traditional baby book for Ella, I decided to record my thoughts in a journal to be shared with her at some point in her young adult life. Writing in her journal was an opportunity for me to record my pregnancy experiences, all the mundane and joyful ones. I remember writing her birth story while Mike was witnessing her first bath and I was awaiting my mom's arrival. I think that entry was at 3:45 am. My intention is for Ella to better understand and appreciate her journey into this world. Approaching her baby book in this manner allowed me to not only record her developmental milestones but to track my development as a mom.

The journal begins on June 5, 2005, which was the day we first learned of her existence. This phase ends with a Feb. 3, 2008 entry. I am not sure how long I will continue to journal to the kids (don't fret, I've started one for baby boy bowling -- although his book doesn't have near the entires that Ella's did at this point). I have purchased a new journal for Ella. It may take me until her 5th birthday to finish it, who knows. My only promise to the kids in their respective journals is I would journal through at least their first year.

I love periodically picking up the journals and flipping through them to read past entries. They certainly provide a snapshot of our life and my mindset when writing an entry. Mike and I have debated the appropriate time to give these to Ella and baby boy. I think the right opportunity with each child will present itself. As excited as I am to share these with my children, I do believe letting go of them will be quite bittersweet.