Thursday, February 21, 2008

April 2

April 2 has always been a special day in the history of Mike's and my relationship. April 2, 2000 was the day we officially started dating. Although it had lost its significance once we started celebrating wedding anniversaries, we both remember the events of the day well. We met in St. Joe, Mike came from Lincoln and me from Kansas City. I arrived first, and I remember him scaring me while I waited in my car, our walk through a park in St. Joe, the ice cream treat, and most importantly neither of us wanting to leave the other. It wasn't until we were about to depart that Mike summoned the courage to ask me to be his girl.

Why the walk down memory lane? Well, it was only tonight that Mike and I realized that our second child, our sweet baby boy, is due on April 2. Man, how pathetic are we that it only took us until I have 6 weeks left to connect the dots?! Yes, it's unlikely I will actually deliver on April 2, but now I have more reasons to hope for an April delivery.

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Scott said...

Well, interesting enough, Ella was born on the anniversary of our first date.