Sunday, February 24, 2008

And this little piggy went Wii Wii Wii!

Sorry folks, its the best way that I could announce on here the newest member of the Bowling household...the very sought after Nintendo Wii!*

*Quick aside---its currently 10:30 on Sunday night--Ella is asleep, and Amanda is catching up with the Oscars on the TiVo and I'm currently awaiting the restart of the Sprint Cup race in California. On normal nights, the light would be turned off and we would be heading off to sleepy world, but I'm going to wait the rain delay out and watch the part of the race upto halfway of when it officially becomes......uh....official.

Amanda's brother Scott, had a very keen eye up at the Best Buy in Sioux City and was able to track us one down! So for the last week we have been playing every once in a while, working on our Tennis and Bowling skills on the Wii Sports game that comes with it. Its been fun and a nice stress reliever for us. Ella even likes to get in on the act, she will watch Mommy and Daddy and plays with her "Wiimote" and swings it over her head and then points it at the TV. She's even request to go down stairs and "watch Wii". Its just too funny.

We had Scott and Tricia down on Saturday night and we had a little impromptu Taco Night/Wii Party. Many thanks to their friend Kyle who let us borrow 2 of his Wiimotes and his Guitar Hero III as well. That game is on the list for sure. I do have a good feeling that the Wii won't be near as possible during the summer months, but during this crazy winter and and with Amanda's pending maternity leave, it will be some fun for her when hopefully everybody is down for a nap!

Race update....are you serious? Its currently 11:17 right now...9:17 at the track...and they say they will be back racing by the TOP of the hour which means 10:00pm for the drivers...which also means 1:00 *A.M.* on the east coast...yeah, all of 10 people will be watching that. Not to mention all of 10 people will be in the stands at the track. That speedway already has enough issues as it is. Crazy. I can't believe it. I guess it doesn't matter, neither one of us can sleep at the moment.

The weekend overall was good. We were soo wiped out from the party and family last weekend that we were anxious for a lower key weekend and having some fun with the Wii. We did make a run down to the Mall of the Great Plains down in Olathe. It has some big open spaces and we figured that Ella needed to stretch her legs and run a little bit. We did come across a little place for kids and birthday parties that have a little kiddie train that goes around a track. Ella saw it and really wanted to ride it so we went in and bought a couple of tickets and Ella took a ride all by herself! She looked SO CUTE riding it with a big smile on her face. It was really the first time she's ever done anything like that without Mommy or Daddy tagging along for the ride. Amanda and I were just beaming. I turned to Amanda and said "I know its just a train ride, but I feel like she just left for college"! Crazy feelings being a parent sometimes, I tell ya.

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