Friday, February 08, 2008

Pregnancy Weight Rant

Bear with me, I have another pregnancy rant. For some reason, being pregnant means people, co-workers, general strangers, etc. have the right to ask inappropriate questions or make asinine statements. Seriously people, I am not wearing a sign that says, "Yes, I want your thoughts on breast feeding, what is or isn't appropriate for me to eat, why only good mothers stay at home with their children and my birth plan." Please note if you are a good friend or family member, who I commonly discuss personal matters with, these comments are not directed to you. Trust me, I appreciate and respect your honesty. I enjoy and want to have an educated, respectful discussion on most topics related to pregnancy and child rearing. What irks me to no end are the ones who judge and spout off before they filter it through their head.

The spark for this rant is some inappropriate comments I have received this week. Taken individually, I let them roll, but I've had too many and it has pushed me over the edge. Earlier this week, a women in the elevator was stunned to hear how far along I was. She responded with, "Are you sure there isn't anything wrong with the baby because you are too small for being 30+." This was the same woman who said to me last pregnancy, "You must be having a girl because you are big everywhere." One example of the loving and heartfelt wishes I've heard.

It really shouldn't come as any surprise to anyone that I am a bit sensitive to matters concerning my weight, but quite honestly, keep any opinions, thoughts or general observations about my weight to yourself. I really don't want to hear it. If you do feel inclined to say anything, I would suggest, "Wow, you look great for being thirty plus weeks."

Yes, I am carrying this baby boy differently than Ella. It's natural. It's a different kid, but no worries the kid is progressing just fine. I had a doctor's appointment today where I expressed the concern that the general observation is I am on the small side. Her first comment, which is why I love all five feet of my petite, feisty doctor, was "Why can't people just keep their damn opinions to themselves and their mouths shut." She had me lie down and measured my belly. She said, "Just what I thought, you are right on target." We then discussed weight gain, how pregnancies vary and how amazingly complex the human body truly is.

So while I appreciate everyone's concern, the kid is still cooking right along and she still expects him to be between 7 1/2 and 8 pounds. Time will tell, but that's enough of my rant.

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Tricia said...

wow. and I thought I had a problem with MY filter. =) And you DO look great for 30+weeks! (I promise I'm not just saying it to make you feel better!) =) As long as you take care of yourself and baby boy, what does it matter how big (or not big) you get? Though I am all for having a good reason to eat ice cream.

Who are we kidding? I don't need a reason.