Saturday, February 16, 2008

Post Birthday Post

Yes, this post is a few days late. It's been a busy week, what else can I say. Ella's birthday celebration has now come to a close. Last night was the final portion. A little less than 25 people, including 7 other kids, invaded our house. I believe everyone had fun. I did. I just always wish I had more time to talk with everyone. I had a tough time keeping tabs on my kid. She loved having so many kids in her space, but it is at times like these that I realize how small our house is.

Ella kicked off her birthday by actually waking up her parents at the time she was born. While she has made the transition to her new room easily, she is crying out more in the night than she did in the crib. Mike went to her because the last time I got up with her in the middle of the night, I didn't fall back asleep. While he was in with her, I heard her scream, "I want my mommy." I sprung from the bed, ventured in her room, reassured her and placed her blankets in the appropriate order on her back. When Mike and I were back in our room a few moments later, we realized the time. We took a few seconds to reminisce and then crawled back to bed.

The night of her birthday (for Mike and I it's not really Valentine's Day anymore), we picked her up early but waited until her Valentine's Day party was over, and hit Oak Park Mall, where she enjoyed two rides on the carousel, an overpriced meal at Rain Forest Cafe and time to run around in the kid's area. She dug the atmosphere at Rain Forest. Her favorite animal was the cheetah. She was a bit skittish around the elephants. She wanted to get up close and personal, but only if she was in one of our arms. She ended the night by opening the gifts from her parents. Overall, I believe she had a fun night. She talked the next morning about how she got to ride horseys. I worried at first we weren't doing enough to make her day special, and my ever wise and objective husband pointed out that we need to enjoy the days when she is completely entertained by $2 carousel rides and spending time with mom and dad.

Friday was special because it was her party at daycare. We waited a day to celebrate, so she and the other kids in her class would get a separate Valentine's Day party and a birthday party. Ella was so excited to take in cupcakes that she had to hold them the whole drive in. When we walked in, another girl in her class said, "Ella more cupcakes," in complete disbelief. It gave us a nice chuckle.

With her party being Saturday night and the usual way her parents procrastinate, Mike and I spent a few hours Saturday morning running around for food and supplies. Ella spent the time hanging out with grandma and grandpa. We had everything ready just in time for the first guests to arrive. Ella was spoiled with lots of cool gifts. I hope to post pictures later today.

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