Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Coughs and Lack of Sleep

Poor Ella had an incredibly tough night last night as she is battling a cough and some congestion. No one in our house got much sleep last night. Ella couldn't seem to decide what she wanted and her parents couldn't do anything right by her. The poor kid cried way too many tears last night and in the process broke our hearts.

At one point, she was standing in the middle of her room just sobbing when she paused for a moment and said, "mommy and daddy's room." I think it was almost midnight. Mike and I were exhausted, and even though Ella hadn't spent a night in our bed since her 1st birthday, we knew this was not a battle we wanted to wage, so we all climbed in our bed. It certainly couldn't be described as restfull sleep between her tossing and turning and coughs and cries. Once I determined she had been resting peacefully for some time, I took her back to her bed. But it wasn't long before she was crying again for mommy and daddy, so Mike carried her back to bed. We finally got her down in her own bed close to 3 am, giving Mike and 3 1/2 hours of decent sleep. I desperately wanted so stay in bed this morning and just sleep. Mike said when he went to wake up Ella, her response was, "Let me sleep daddy." How he wished he could have.

I hope tonight goes better. She's been down since 8:15, but is making quite a bit of noise. My body and my brain really need a solid night's sleep. I've said before but sleep is a beautiful thing especially when it takes place in my comfy, cozy bed with my husband next to me. I'm off to experience those joys.

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