Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Beached Whale

Less than 5 weeks and counting. I think I am in denial that I am having another child. Of course, I can't wait to hold that precious boy, but my head cannot wrap itself around the fact that we will have two children in our household. Seriously, two kids. What were we thinking and this soon. We're not emotionally, mentally, physically or financially ready for this or at least I'm not. Ugh, there is SO much to do, things to buy, things to re-organize, stuff to be found, cleaned and set up, lists to be made, work work that needs my attention..... The list just keeps growing and my motivation keeps waning.

So much for thinking I would stay on the small side. I feel like and look like a beached whale. I caught a side profile of myself and just wanted to cry. It is not a pretty picture. My face got fat and my back side exploded this past week. If it gets any bigger, I swear I will bust a seam in my pants. I tell myself to enjoy these last few weeks because this quite possibly could be the last time I am ever pregnant. I'm trying, but I can't do it today.

My other gripe is if special dress code allowances are made for people who have had foot surgery, why can't pregnant woman get a pass when they are in their last month. What's so wrong with wearing yoga pants and oversized hoodies to work, at least I would be comfortable. Overall, my maternity clothes really are okay, but I am just I'm tired of wearing what seems to be the same 5 outfits each week.

It's apparent that today has not been the best day. I'm hormonal, tired and feeling quite off kilter. The good thing is at least it's almost over, and hopefully I'll awake tomorrow to find a sunnier and happy disposition waitingt for me at the foot of my bed.


Scott said...

go grab another burrito at chipotle... it'll make you feel better :)

mean scott said...

ok... so now I realize that was kind of an horrible thing to say, but I hope you know what I mean :) Burrito's gooood based off our text messaging yesterday.

Tricia said...

you can do it! and though you feel like you're not ready, you know that you are. this kid doesn't care how much money you have or whether all his clothes were washed before his birthday...he just needs love, and you've got that in spades! don't forget that scott and I are here to help, so just let us know what you need...even if it's just someone to vent to (you know i'm a pro at that!) this little boy is so lucky to have you for his mom, and he won't care if your pants feel tight. =)

Amanda said...

No offense taken at all, Scott. It actually made me laugh. What I didn't post as I was writing my blog was that Mike was out buying me ice cream at that every moment. :) I think he knew that was the only way to really cheer up his wife. My eating habits this past week could certainly have been better.

Tricia, thanks for the love. I really appreciate it. And you make very good points!

Lauren said...

Amanda, we wish you the very, very best and am sure things will turn around soon enough for you. You'll snap right back into shape. You're soooo a MILF. ;)