Saturday, March 01, 2008

Sunny Days Inside

Mike and I were eagerly anticipating the beautiful weather expected today as cabin fever had definitely struck this household. We had no real agenda except for enjoying a taste of spring. Well, our plans were quickly derailed when E woke up with a 101 temp. No other symptoms just a high fever all day, so most of the day was spent close to home. The poor thing was fairly clingy, alternating between mom and dad, and fairly miserable most of the day. We did convince her to go for a ride in her wagon, so we were able to enjoy a few moments of the nice weather. I hope she's able to quickly kick whatever is ailing her, I hate to see her like this and am a touch dumbfounded by what's causing the high temp.

Being at home did give me the opportunity to finish cleaning out the nursery closet. It is now empty and ready to be filled with baby boy's clothes. I also went through bins full of Ella's old clothes and pulled out quite a stack that baby boy should be able to use. I was pleasantly surprised by how much we actually do have. This helped decrease my worries that the boy wouldn't spend his days only donning a diaper and channeling WT influences. Now I just need to get everything washed and moved into his bedroom. Small steps, but it is progress.

I must thank everyone for the outpouring of kind words and support. I was fairly miserable earlier this week and there was no way to sugar coat it. My spirit has improved, but my body and my perspective on my body remains the same. I know I am on the down hill side of this pregnancy, and I will get through. Some days you just feel every aspect of the pregnancy more than others.

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