Monday, March 17, 2008

Baby Prep

Progress is being made. It's high time as we have less than two weeks to go, so really it could be any day now that baby boy decides to make his appearance. As much as my body is ready to serve an eviction notice, I need this time to finish preparations. This weekend we did knock off a few more items on our to-do list. The swing, bouncy seat, bottles and infant toys have been relocated from the basement to their new homes. Car seats are ready to be installed. All clothes have been washed and unpacked. We selected a going-home outfit. Unrelated to baby boy, we finished hanging a few more decor items in Ella's room.

We still have yet to pack the hospital bag -- it's on tap for tonight. We pulled out the bag we plan to use as a reminder to tackle that task. Find the pack-n-play. I'm not sure I'm ready for it to be set up in our room yet. Finish cleaning and organizing the nursery. It's in a good shape. I just need or want to reorganize the closet a bit. A trip to Babies R Us is still on my list as we need to pick up a crib mattress and a few basic items including some diapers. Pick up a gift for baby brother to give to Ella -- not sure what that will be. I am sure I will think of more as the day progresses. Work wise, I don't feel as prepared. I'm hoping to make good progress on that front this week.

As for Ella, I feel like we have made a good effort to prepare her for baby brother's existence. She understands that he is in my belly as she occasionally will lift my shirt to kiss my stomach or talk to him. She is also aware that he will be sleeping in the crib and using these new contraptions we pulled out this weekend. We had some battles over her wanting to climb in the swing and sit in the bouncy seat, yet nothing I wasn't anticipating. Since we had a low-key weekend at home, I tried to spend lots of time with her just playing and being silly, and giving her lots of hugs and kisses. My worry with her has escalated in recent days. No real reason other than knowing her world is about to be rocked and forever changed. The same is true for us.

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