Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Week of Nice Surprises

I had such anxiety as this week started, mainly because of worries at work. Even with all that, this has been a nice week of fun surprises. First, I come in Monday to find a woman on my floor had brought me in three large shopping bags full of baby boy clothes. It took me two trips to load the clothes in my car. I came home and "oohed and awed" over the little treasures. I definitely got some quality items that will be put to good use. It was so generous of her and such a nice unexpected surprise. The closet will now be overflowing with boy newborn clothing.

My second fun surprise was Tricia offering me a ticket to see "I Love You Because" at AHT. I am guilty of passing on social opportunities during the week because of the logistics involved with Ella. Plus, I just want to see her little sweet face. With all that, I am so happy that I took an evening to see the show. Great show -- had me reminiscing over Mike's and my early dating days. Wonderful company. Overall, a quality night of entertainment and as an added benefit it was a cheap evening out. As Tricia and I were conversing and waiting for Mike to pick up Ella, a woman from D'Bronx walked up and handed us slices of pizza rather than throwing them out. A touch greasy, but it was free so we gobbled it up.

My last surprise happened again at work. During our floor's monthly food celebration, I was handed a card from our floor. I was in the middle of a conversation, so I didn't open it until I was back at my desk after sampling the tasty treats. The sweet card contained plenty of good wishes for baby boy and a gift card to Babies R Us. Again, completely unexpected and so thoughtful of the ladies on my floor. I'm excited to go shopping for a few boy items. Maybe we can squeeze in a trip to BRU this weekend.

The week isn't over. Hello lottery ticket.

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