Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bellies Full

Man, we've eaten well today. My belly is full and this boy must have no room because I swear a foot is lodged in my ribs and it hurts. We started the day with homemade cinnamon rolls, fruit and some leftover bacon. The rolls were good, but not has fabulous as I had hoped. I definitely will make them again as the dough is a keeper. The inside mix needs some tweaking. I admit I did run low on cinnamon, but it had other issues than just that. I also would alter the frosting by using less cream cheese. My overall assessment: very yummy with definite potential.

Our Easter dinner was a tasty success. Ham was definitely easy, and even though I am not crazy about ham, Mike, Payton and Rene raved about it. In addition to the ham, I also made green bean casserole and fruit salad. Rene added homemade scallop potatoes and dinner rolls to the menu. Those potatoes were so divine. Rene excels at making home style quality food, and these potatoes didn't disappoint. Although, it's better not knowing how much butter was in the dish. We finished off the meal with a chocolate mousse pie, which was rich and decadent. In addition to good food, we enjoyed having the opportunity to catch up with Rene and Payton. Ella was bouncing off the walls having Payton around to follow and mimic.

Food, more so an over abundance of candy, was the recurring theme for the weekend. From birthday candy to Easter candy, we are overrun with junk. We had so much that we repurposed some of the candy given by the grandparents and from her daycare party to fill the eggs that the Easter Bunny left for Ella to discover. I figure in a year this kid would be on to us. Hopefully we can push it off on the expected visitors stopping by to welcome baby boy into this world, whenever that maybe.

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