Sunday, March 16, 2008

Easter Snow Hunt

Easter Snow Hunt
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So much is wrong with this picture. A kid should not be bundled up to participate in an Easter egg hunt.

Snow littered the lawn Saturday morning. Even with the dusting, we still opted to bundle up and trek over to the neighborhood park to partake in our subdivision Easter egg hunt. We promptly arrived at 9:45 am to greet the Easter Bunny, but he was a no-show as was the hunt. We weren't the only families waiting. While it was apparent there were no eggs hidden in the park, it would have been nice if a sign or a neighborhood representative would have greeted us in the park. Rather, the sign informing us that the hunt was canceled was posted at the entrance of the neighborhood. That's a helpful location. The sign said the hunt will happen MAY 29. Who knows if that was a mis-print or not.

Poor Ella. She has yet to really experience her first Easter egg hunt. Last year, the weather also interfered with our plans. We have one more weekend to attempt a hunt, even if it's in our own yard.

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