Sunday, March 23, 2008

Weekend Recap

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Update on baby boy: As my doctor said at my Friday appointment, this kid is content as a lark and is just happy staying inside me. I hope this means we won't have to force him out. The doc said she expected to see me in a week -- still pregnant of course, but she said stranger things have happened. I am completely okay with this. For the most part, I feel good for being this far along. Of course, I get uncomfortable and various parts of my body start aching at different times, but I am happy to continue to shelter this little guy until he's ready or the doc decides his time is up. It was a very brief appointment as she squeezed me in between a emergency c-section and another delivery.

After the appointment, I picked up Ella early from daycare and then we swung through and got Mike before heading to Paradise Park in Lee's Summit. Mike and I thought Ella would benefit from some extra family time and doing something special. Mike was a last minute addition to our outing and thank goodness he was there. Ella isn't quite big enough to tackle all the tunnels, so he had to help her weave her way to the top, so she could slide down the windy slide. There was no way I would have fit with my basketball stomach and I can only the imagine the meltdowns that would have occurred. The ball pit and the pizza parlor were other areas Ella really enjoyed. (See photos of our adventure here.) With all the time spent serving mom and dad fake pizza, we decided to cap off the evening with real pizza from Waldo's Pizza. It was so yummy.

Today was errand day. It included the standard weekend errands -- Target and grocery store, as well as a trip to Stride Ride to get some new shoes for E, who has crazy wide feet and grows out of shoes faster than any other clothing item. We finally ended our morning run at Babies R Us where we picked up a few items for baby boy. After nap time, we helped Carter celebrate his 2nd birthday. Ella was the only girl but it didn't stop her from joining in all the fun. Tomorrow, we are having Rene and Payton over for dinner. I have a chocolate mousse pie and homemade cinnamon rolls in the fridge, which is why I am still up at this ungodly hour. For our Easter meal, I'll be cooking my first ham. I know it's tradition, but I'm not crazy about ham. I just hope it tastes good. Now that I've updated about our exciting weekend events, I should attempt to get some sleep.

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