Sunday, March 02, 2008

Rash and Hospital Visits

Through self-diagnosis, Mike and I have determined Ella probably has hand, foot and mouth. Of course, we'll take her to the doctor tomorrow for confirmation, but based on the rash and the mouth sores, I would be surprised if it was something else. On top of that, she has been on antibiotics for an ear infection, so I suspect whatever she does have is viral. Overall, she's has been a good patient, although there have been plenty of tears shed.

While she was napping, I had my maternity care appointment at the hospital. I got to sign lots of forms, review my medical history and discuss my birth plan, which is essentially survive for as long as I can before insisting on the epidural. Not a lot has changed at the hospital since I had Ella. The hospital is still under construction and parking is still limited. They are more adamant about the floor nap time from 2 to 4 pm to give moms and babies a break from all interruptions. Some of the birthing rooms now have a whirlpool tub, so I certainly requested one of those. The nurse took me to see one and it was a deja vu moment as she took me into the same birthing room where Ella was born -- 282. Being at the hospital brought back so many memories from Ella's birth and definitely made me keenly aware how quickly this baby boy could be making his appearance.

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