Thursday, March 06, 2008

A Plague on Our House

First, it was an ear infection. Next came the hand, foot and mouth with the impetigo. And now, it's bronchitis for mom. We need to change the karma. My lungs ache and hurt. At the doctor's recommendation and the encouragement of others, I am staying at home once again today. I hope to rest as much as possible. I woke feeling pretty good. I had slept fairly well considering I'm battling this sickness and am 36+ weeks (and my hips just ache). I thought I can do this. I can survive another day, and then I crawled out of bed. Once I get Mike and Ella out the door, it's back to bed for me.


Tricia said...

Hey - don't forget that Scott and I want to spend some hard cash on this kid you're popping out - while you're feelin' poopy, make a list of the stuff you need. It will make you feel better to think of all that stuff we'll be buying. =)

Amy and Wil Castillo said...

So sorry that you are sick. This household just got over brochitis a few weeks ago -- so I know how you feel. Get some much deserved rest! We missed you the other night!