Monday, March 31, 2008

Kid is Content

All signs point to Friday for delivery. At my NST, there was no change in my status. This boy and my body are fine with the status quo. Guess, he'll be a good fit for his family.

As for Ella, she counters my rising anxiety with plenty of comic relief. Here was one of our conversations yesterday. Picture Ella walking down the stairs with a perplexed look on her face.

E: "Mommy, I'm scared."
Me: "Why you scared, honey?"
E: "He's going get me, mommy."
Me: "Who's gonna get you honey?"
E: "The Cookie Monster."

Her dad and I break out into laughter. Probaby not the best response when your child expresses her fears. I quickly recomposed myself and responded: "Honey, Cookie Monster is not scary. He is friendly." Well, that is debatable, but it seemed to be enough for her at that moment.

Tonight after changing a dirty diaper, she ran back downstairs to continue playing, but I knew better than to flush the poop without her assistance. As the minute, she hears the toliet flush, she freaks out. It's as if she has to say goodbye personally to each of her bowel movements. (She also has a peculiar desire to see the contents of each dirty diaper. The moment you pull it away from her body she asks to see it.) So, I hollared after her asking if she wanted to help wisk the poop away. She did come running back up the stairs, but she wasn't sure what I said as her response was, "You asking a question mommy?"

When did this kid become quite the conversationalist? A day doesn't pass without me shaking my head in amazement about the conversations we have or the observations she makes about the world around her.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, how the time has passed. I can't believe that the baby is almost here. Eric went to bed on March 21 (his birthday) and said well I guess little baby boy Bowling didn't make his grand appearance today.

I can't believe, scrolling through the pictures, at how big Miss Ella is. She is going to be a very attentive and inquisitive big sis.

Best of luck and we will be waiting to hear the news.
Cousin Kari...