Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Baby Watch

I realized today that Baby Watch 2008 has officially begun. It hit when I walked in to work this morning, and our department's secretary sighed with relief and said, "Good, you're here." My first thought was, "of course, I'm here. I work here." Like an idiot, it registered with me a few seconds later that any day now I could start my day in the hospital and not at work. No, I am not in denial. I do realize this baby is coming. I just don't believe it is going to be any day soon. I really think he is going to need some prodding in order to enter this world.

Our loved ones are definitely rooting for certain days. My sweet and angelic cousin Rachel would have preferred yesterday since it was her birthday. Grandma Pam needs this boy to make an appearance by Saturday, maybe Sunday at the latest, in order to spend some time with him before her job chains her to her desk for the first half of April. And then Uncle Scotty and Auntie T, as well as our good friends the Comers, are hoping the boy makes an appearance before leaving on their vacations.

I am enjoying the anticipation and wondering each day if that will be the day I meet my sweet boy, but it will happen in due time. As crazy as it sounds, I'm fine to still be pregnant in a week. But, will I feel this way a week from now?

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