Saturday, March 08, 2008

Achy, Achy Lungs

Lungs still ache, but I am ever so slowly starting to feel like a normal human being again. I still wear out quite easily, but my husband has allowed me or insisted that I rest and relax. I don't sit every easily, but I have tried to put forth a good effort. I am ready to fully return to the land of the living as I have lost a whole week to this illness, and the clock is ticking.

I can't recall a time in my past when I have ever battled bronchitis. My typically ailment was strep throat, which I haven't faced since my tonsils were removed in 2002. I really hope this is one of the few times my body has to fight this. It's painful and exhausting. At my ob appointment on Friday, my doctor and I discussed the bronchitis and she forcefully encouraged me to get healthy as quick as I can. With labor and delivery around the corner, her concern similar to my primary care doctor is this developing into something worse like pneumonia. Unless I make significant strides, she threw out such words as chest x-ray and doctor-ordered rest. Both docs have no concern with the baby, more with me and how I would handle labor while I'm still battling the bronchitis. I hope to not find this out.

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