Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Baby Book Phase I

This past weekend, I completed the first phrase of a very personal project that I have shared with no one except Mike. Rather than do a traditional baby book for Ella, I decided to record my thoughts in a journal to be shared with her at some point in her young adult life. Writing in her journal was an opportunity for me to record my pregnancy experiences, all the mundane and joyful ones. I remember writing her birth story while Mike was witnessing her first bath and I was awaiting my mom's arrival. I think that entry was at 3:45 am. My intention is for Ella to better understand and appreciate her journey into this world. Approaching her baby book in this manner allowed me to not only record her developmental milestones but to track my development as a mom.

The journal begins on June 5, 2005, which was the day we first learned of her existence. This phase ends with a Feb. 3, 2008 entry. I am not sure how long I will continue to journal to the kids (don't fret, I've started one for baby boy bowling -- although his book doesn't have near the entires that Ella's did at this point). I have purchased a new journal for Ella. It may take me until her 5th birthday to finish it, who knows. My only promise to the kids in their respective journals is I would journal through at least their first year.

I love periodically picking up the journals and flipping through them to read past entries. They certainly provide a snapshot of our life and my mindset when writing an entry. Mike and I have debated the appropriate time to give these to Ella and baby boy. I think the right opportunity with each child will present itself. As excited as I am to share these with my children, I do believe letting go of them will be quite bittersweet.

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