Monday, September 11, 2006

Ella's Security Blanket

Our daughter has selected her security blanket of the moment. What a tough choice it had to have been. Lately, she's shown preferential treatment to the grey plush Elephant dubbed "Ellie", the sweet yellow giraffe named "Eugene 2" and "Taggy Bear" that came from the Iowa State Fair. (Yes, we have a sick addiction of naming most of Ella's stuffed animals.) Only one could become Ella's pride and joy and her personal favorite. Of all the soft cuddly toys in Ella's possession, our daughter picks her coarse, hard plastic hair brush as her main security blanket. I fear we have a beauty queen on our hands.

It started Saturday as Mike tried to put her down for a morning nap. Ella grabbed it off the table next to the glider. As she was drifting, Mike tried to gently pry it from her hands. She screamed, so Mike quickly slide it back, and Ella was promptly out. She napped with it again later that day. We have a picture, but it's out of focus since we decided against using the flash.

She displayed her affection for it again Sunday when Mike was rocking her to asleep. Ella wasn't giving in easily. He decided to just lay her down, so she could enjoy some quiet time in her crib. She again was grasping the brush. I came up to check on them, and I discovered Ella quietly sitting up in her crib, entertaining herself with her brush. She actually was brushing her own hair. I was cracking up because she definitely recognized that the object was used on her head, and she was so intent on her task at hand. Granted, she was using the wrong side of the brush. When she caught me watching her, she gave me that wide smile that seemed to say, "Ma, I'm getting bigger, older and smarter, and isn't this great." Yes, yes, it is.

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