Friday, September 08, 2006

Go Chiefs!

Go Chiefs!
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Thanks goodness football is back. Poor Ella doesn't know what she missed while she was in the womb. Her mother on the other hand, knows all about it.

But, it IS "Red Friday" today and Ella is in her cute Chiefs onsie today and so she is showing her Chiefs pride. I'm going to make sure she is a Chiefs fan through and through!

In other news--we are finally home for the weekend. The house is a mess, the yard is so long from all the rain and sun we have received lately and we just generally need to rest. The last few nights have been fun (we've been out and about) but we have been getting home, putting Ella to bed and going to bed ourselves and then heading out bright and early right after 7:00 headed back to work. Amanda and I need sleep!

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