Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another Milestone Passed

Sam has graduated from the infant carrier to a convertible car seat. I probably should have moved him before now. The poor boy would fuss every time I tried to buckle him. His large, warm winter coat did not help the cause. He seemed pretty enthusased about his new seat once secured. The boy is growing up just a little too fast.

Things I've noticed during this month of blogging. I write a lot about how tired I am, but what parent isn't operating from a sleep deprived state. I also know my posts contain numerous errors, some I catch later and others I don't. I also post late at night, and it is interferring with my sleep schedule, and because of that, I am heading to bed. I have slammed right into a brick wall, and my bed is calling my name.

I apologize this is so brief but sleep is needed.

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