Monday, November 03, 2008

Halloween Resurrected

The calender may say it is Nov, 3, but it certainly didn't appear to be anything other than Oct. 31 this evening in our cul-de-sac. If you had driven by our neighborhood, you would have seen two fireman, an Indian princess, a witch and a monkey roaming the street. Why? Our wonderful and kind neighbors decided to turn back the clock to happily hand out candy again and let us pretend for at least 45 minutes that tonight was actually Halloween.

Ella definitely had her share of the holiday, even more so in the candy department, but my lingering disappointment with the holiday was not how it transpired but that I did not witness Ella trick-or-treating. In a conversation with a fellow neighbor while I was stuck in a hospital waiting room, this idea of doing a delayed trick-or-treating was addressed. She had our entire cul-de-sac on board in, I imagine, a few short hours.

So tonight, the kids gathered together and eagerly tackled each house. (E had enough of Minnie Mouse that tonight she was a sweet witch.) Even though our trek only included eight houses, Ella managed to come home with a pumpkin full of candy. I realize the real reason the neighbors were so willing to participate. :)

In all seriousness, it was an incredibly sweet and thoughtful gesture by our neighbors and a moment I will always treasure. Words cannot capture how special it was to watch my sweet girl enthusiastically running from one house to another as she tried to keep pace with the older kids. The energy, the fun and of course the candy! Halloween 2008 started off a little rough, but now I can happily close the door on this holiday.


Tricia said...

That is incredibly sweet that they did that for you - I'm glad you got a chance to actually enjoy Halloween! =)

Anonymous said...

What awesome neighbors!! Who would ever thought to do that, but sweet, caring people! Love AC