Monday, November 24, 2008

Little man on fake mountain in game shows.

Right now I'm doing everything humanly possible to not click "buy" from the iTunes App Store and buy the new The Price is Right game for the iPod touch. Seriously. It looks kick ass. And for those who don't know, I have quite the affection for TPiR. I grew up watching it incessantly. Of course that information comes second-hand from my mother, so take it for what its worth.

Oh good god. Now after typing that, I just spent the last 20 minutes: 1. researching the Cliff Hangers pricing game, 2. Watching YouTube clips of somebody actually winning it without having the mountain climber move and one where his life is spared at the very LAST STEP. Both are very thrilling. 3. Deciding that the Cliff Hangers music is the greatest song ever. 4. Deciding that I'm going to make that song my ring tone on my celly. 5. Decided I kinda have a man-crush on the cliff hanger.

Oh sure, there are other pricing games out there that I like. But not one comes close to my heart as Cliff Hangers. I think I know why too. There isn't another game on that show where you worry that somebody (in this case, our man Johann) might actually DIE from a mistake such as getting whiffing on the price of a mini-refrigerator that literally is so "mini" it can only house ONE CAN OF POP. Oh, that poor little weinerschnitzel.*

*Why am I not surprised that the spell check had "no guesses" for my butchering of that word.

And with that. I'm going to bed dreaming of little men with pick axes whose feet pray that they always take less than 25 steps.

Godspeed, little man.

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