Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Need a Blog Topic

I have nothing to blog about tonight. Okay, I do but I only have 18 minutes to complete a blog post and I want to go to bed. And my husband, who I normally really like, is annoying the beegbus out of me. He is taunting me with Halloween candy. The same candy that I asked him to dump exactly 10 days ago. Must love a man, who supports his woman!

I have serious doubts that I have enough topics to complete the month. So, I was thinking tonight about the topics I could tackle this month. No promises I will get to them all, but while I was watching multiple episodes of Brothers & Sisters (I miss my brothers the most after I watch an episode), here is the list I outlined:

*Complete the blog post on the disastrous Sunday trip back to KC -- side note: The Subway in Bethany, you suck.
*My endearing love for Thanksgiving.
*Fantasy Football -- Mike's suggestion and a highly unlikely topic to be tackled.
*The complete story of Sam's birth -- hello Ambien.
*Stupid facts about me -- example I don't believe fruit is meant to be cooked.
*The mom I want to be vs. the mom I am.
*My addiction to food -- I'm a foodie. I admit it. It is who I am.
*My vacation desires -- if I don't get to a beach soon, I may go postal.
*My love/hate relationship with sleep.
*The topics I won't blog about and why.
*Why I love my husband and why I keep him around.

Feel free to suggest a topic. I certainly am open to suggestions. For now, I am off to bed.

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