Sunday, November 30, 2008

Out One and In Another

Vomiting is a part of parenting. Definitely not the glamorous side, but it is part of this whole kit and caboodle. I knew that before I became a mom and I accepted it. Luckily. Ella wasn't much of a puker. I distinctly remember her two primary incidents: 1) tossing her cookies at Walmart as we walked into a checkout lane and 2) walking into her room one morning and being knocked over by the putrid smell consuming her room and the vomit covering her bed.

Up until tonight, Sam has never had a vomit incident. Well, that all changed and his incident is definitely the most memorable, at least from my perspective.

Sam and I were playing on the floor. I was laying on my back and I had him at arm's length over my chest. I was raising him up and down to provoke laughter. I need to note that the boy while battling a cough has had no other symptoms, so I wasn't concerned with being a little rambuctious with him. I was securing lots of good, deep belly laughs. So, Sam decided to reward me with more than just hearty laughs.

I heard the rumble from his stomach and could hear the liquid river flowing out of his body. Luckily, my instincts took over and my eyes quickly shut. However, my insticts were so focused on protecting my eyes that they failed to close my mouth. As you may have guessed it, I ended up being showered with Sam's vomit with just a little hitting the inside of my mouth. I instantly started gagging and dry heaving. Beyond disgusting. Beyond grotesque. I stopped long enough to seek some help.

I hollered for Mike's assistance. I yelled, "Sam just puked on me." Mike runs down with a burp cloth and is laughing hysterically. He takes Sam from my arms, so I can wipe off my mouth and my neck. I enjoy a few quality hacks before I open my eyes. The first thing I see is this bouncy, sweet boy staring at me with a wide goofy grin. Impossible to be even slighty mad at him.

I certainly am no stranger to disgusting incidents. I've had a bird poop on me at a Royals game. I've had my daughter say "here momma" and place a booger in my hand. Until tonight, I've never tasted my kids vomit and I hope it is never served again on the Bowling menu.

Thinking back, Sam was good to his parents this weekend. He treated Mike to a urine shower at yesterday's Thanksgiving gathering and for me, he showered me with stomach acid. Still love that little man.

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Tricia said...

Oh god, my worst nightmare! If only the video camera had been running!