Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Under the Wire

I have ten minutes to go until midnight, so I am getting this in just under the wire. Tonight, we have been preoccupied by packing for this extended weekend. I truly love Thanksgiving, by far it's my favorite holiday. Hopefully tomorrow, I'll have time to put together a longer Thanksgiving post.

Right now, I need to venture to bed because we will be up early to finish the packing and loading of the car. Before I sign off for tonight, I have to share another sweet sibling story.

While we were in the midst of our morning routine, Sam was relegated to crawl around on the floor after he was dressed. In usual fashion, I was running around the house with me primarily darting between my bedroom and the kids' bedrooms. On one of my many jaunts, Ella decided to follow me. I guess Sam decided to do the same, so Ella paused at the top of the staircase. I noticed she was sliding her legs out to the side while trying to maintain her balance. I didn't give it too much thought or attention. Mike comes out from the bedroom and asks Ella if she is trying to do the splits. Ella responds with, "No, I am just trying to block the stairs for Sammy." Now on cue, thankful that at least at this point in life, Ella genuinely enjoys being a big sister.

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