Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas Before Thanksgiving

I am a stickler when it comes to the boundaries of Christmas. I believe Thanksgiving repeatedly gets passed over, so I try to adhere to no Christmas traditions until the day after Thanksgiving, when the holiday flood gates open. This means I don't listen to Christmas music or hang any decorations until after Thanksgiving has passed. Well, I relented a little this year. We heard downtown was having a holiday light kickoff to mark the start of the Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign. Since we are proponents of downtown (what with us both working downtown and the kid's child care center there as well). we decided to make it a family holiday outing. We invited Scott & Tricia, bundled up the kids and headed to Barney Allis Plaza tonight to watch the Marriott transform into a holiday light show. While it was definitely the second-cousin, twice-removed from the Plaza lighting, it was worth it to watch Ella become transfixed by the lights. She definitely forgot she was cold once the building started flashing holiday scenes.

When it comes to new family holiday traditions for the four of us (by no means do I think this will become part of that tradition), Mike and I are still finding our way. It's difficult to end or pull away from our own childhood traditions, but we recognize the importance and we have the desire to create new ones. I am a touch anxious as I worry that as procrastinators we will fail to create solid Christmas traditions, so I am attempting to try various ones on and we'll see which ones fit.

Below are pictures from tonight. I tried to get a good one of Ella and daddy with the building as our backdrop, but Ella would not pull her attention away from the lights. The other is Mr. Sam all bundled up. He wasn't as impressed. He was just cold.

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