Friday, November 07, 2008

Guest Blogger--Hubby Mikey!

11:04. Friday Night. About to take off to Iowa tomorrow. And once again, we are trying to throw together EVERYTHING at the last minute. Kids are both asleep, Amanda is working on laundry and realized that she hadn't done the nightly blog post. So her dutiful, awesome husband is here to take care of things. Guest poster baby! Woot!

I have come to the realization this week that Amanda and I are officially addicted to Twitter.
For the uninitiated, Twitter is essentially microblogging. All you do is just post whatever you want--but you have to do it in 140 characters. Here's my "tweets".

Here's how I know. Usually within 5 minutes of getting out of bed in the morning, we have checked our twitter feeds. In fact, in just trying to find the number of characters you can post with, I got lost in my feed for 5 minutes before Amanda pulled me back center and get me back on track. For the record, I think I have a case of ADD. That's you don't find me posting on the blog very much. But hell, I'll tweet all day long. Another reason: every single gadget we own has some sort of attachment to Twitter. That includes the laptop (via my work computer (via TweetDeck or Twitterrific) Amanda's cell phone (via text) Amanda's work Blackberry (via TitterBerry) my Spint Mogul cell phone (via PockeTwit) and finally we both have applications on our iPod touch (Mike: Twinkle, Amanda: Twittelator) And I think that about covers it. Oh wait, one more think, anytime we "tweet" it puts that as our status on our Facebook pages as well. See what I mean?

You can always see what my latest "tweet" is just by looking to the side bar and you'll see mine.

So feel free to check it out! But please, don't get addicted like Amanda and I are.

.....and good night.


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