Tuesday, April 08, 2008

So Good to Be Home

Loaded Up. Ready 2 Go Home
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So happy to be home and in our own space. We are slowly adjusting to having two kids. Sam is sleeping in decent spurts, so that has helped. While we are tired, his past few nights have been bearable, nothing like the first few nights we experienced with Ella. She is doing good and really seems to enjoy having Sam around.

Last night, Mike enjoyed a guy's evening watching KU, so I was left alone with the two kids and had the responsibility of getting both to bed. Sam wanted to do nothing but eat and only wanted to be held, and Ella was being a dawdler who also wanted her space on mom's lap. Mike is heading to the Royal's home opener today, so I'll have more one on one time with the kids.

A few more pics have been posted, and I'm hoping to get Mike to blog about Ella's field trip since he accompanied her. She was so excited to tell me about her ride on the school bus and her time at Wonderscope. Mike also got some adorable pics, but those will have to wait to be posted until he writes about their experience.

Sam is sleeping. I better squeeze in my shower while I have the time.

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